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Committed to Inspiring Change

Brooke Marie Bridges is committed to breaking the stigma around mental health. Growing up in Los Angeles California as a child actress, her experience with mental health symptoms began as a young girl; attempting to find her autonomy, to impress others, and to figure out who she was - like most kids.

Her story through the darkest days of her life that started in adolescence will take her audience through the real journey of someone who has struggled daily with mental symptoms. Her personal experiences led her on her path to healing through self-love techniques, a spiritual practice, and sharing her story through social media channels, mental health speaking, and writing novels - she seeks to make an impact on the mental health of all people; with an emphasis on youth, especially young women or children in the entertainment industry.

She is committed to sharing her journey - not as a professional, but as a real person who knows what it's like to not want to live anymore simply because you don't know how. Through her lived experience, she shares the challenges, the feelings, the emotions, and the healthy ways in which to deal with and validate them.


Southern California - New England - Traveling Speaker